The Most Luxurious Train in the World in China

Supercars and uber luxurious yachts plus soaring personal jets have always dominated Luxurylaunches. However being fair to other means of transport too, allow me to brief you on the “the most luxurious train in the world”. What surprised me is the fact that it will chuk-chuk in China! So guys you need to book your tickets to China soon as from September onwards, “the most luxurious train in the world” will ply the route from Beijing to Tibet’s capital, Lhasa. Estimated to accomaodate only 96 passengers, the interior of the train will be decorated according to the standards of a five-star hotel. Awww….not according to the standard of seven star hotel?

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Each train will have 12 passenger cars, two dining cars and a sightseeing car. Each passenger car will have four 10-square-metre suites featuring a double bed, a living room and bathing facilities. There will be three trains, which will head from Beijing to Lhasa every eight days. The luxury journey will take five days. All this for 20 times the price of the ususal train fare for the same distance. About 2000 yuan or $US280.

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