The new $22 million motorcycle is touted to be world’s most expensive

Here is one offer that only motorcycle enthusiasts like Brad Pitt can afford. Custom bike builders, House of Thunder have built a custom motorcycle based on a stock Harley Rocker with a cleaned-up frame, hand-fashioned fenders, and fuel tank. But here is what makes this bike stand apart and a perfect buy for all A-list luxury lovers; the motorcycle comes with its own (mobile) ‘garage,’ a 45metre transoceanic yacht (built by Sunrise Yachts)! This unique luxurious feature has raised the motorcycle price to $22.66 million, making it the world’s most expensive motorcycle. The million-dollar motorcycle features a foldable handlebar allowing the bike to be lifted in and out of ‘parking position’ in the small garage in the rear of the boat. The 45meter yacht with a rear garage houses a rescue-boat, two jet skis, and a custom Harley-Davidson, built and painted to match the boat’s livery.

A mean bike with its very own yacht, this is one irresistible offer for every luxury loving motorcycle enthusiast.

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