The Pedicab, powered by the pedal is up for $8,000

What’s three-wheeled, shuns the use of an engine and has no horsepower whatsoever? The Pedicab! Pedal power is back, with the Pedicab riding in. With its birthplace in Denver, Colorado, these Pedicabs can seat two passengers and is sure a comfortable and eco-friendly way to public transport. Maybe this is a galaxy out of the world of sportscars and the like, but priced at $8,000, the Pedicab is a great green option. The cab, made of molded fiberglass is lightweight and is fitted onto a 14-gauge steel alloy frame.

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Vinyl upholstery is used for the seat and backrest in the cab. The Pedicab uses a system similar to a 21-gear Shimano mountain bike, employing a lower than usual gear ratio.
The bike also employs aluminum rims, double walled and extra wide, that we usually see on mountain bikes, enabling it to negotiate bad roads. The shock absorbers are and added advantage for a smooth ride. A 12-volt rechargeable battery powers up the Pedicab’s LED taillights and headlights.
Via – [Greenlaunches]

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