The Performance Water Cycle

You can chill off in the summers by paddling your way into the heart of a nearby lake with this cool water cycle. It’s a single-seat cycle with a 15″ two-blade propeller. The 8:1 gear ratio is good enough to keep you happy and something that can make you smile even at 7MPH is a good past time. This speed however is quite sufficiently fast when compared to ordinary paddleboats. The core hull is fiberglass-covered, high-density foam, and can float and is also leak proof. It can withstand waves as high as 3′ and has a shallow draft of 17 inches. The assembly of the bike is simple too. It has an adjustable, cushioned bicycle seat.

The Performance Water Cycle costs $700 and is available in dimensions of 90″ L x 45″ W x 54″ H. It has a total weight of 75 lbs.
Via – Loadedshopper