The PM of Israel to drive in a $1 million armored Audi limousine

So what if your nation has been in a perennial state of unrest? It doesn’t mean that you won’t indulge in some opulence as a Government official. At least that holds for Prime Minister Israel, who has settled for safety and style in much élan. For his riding pleasure and to save him from imminent assignation attempts, the government has decided to get an armored German limousine, a customized Audi A8L Security.

The safety features include B6+ and B7 ballistic protection, a fire-suppression system, run-flat tires, and explosive charges on the doors. As he sits cooped up in his armored tank, he can turn on the DVD entertainment system and the humidor for his entertainment. Each of these limos will come to around $1 million each, which is a fair amount for the life of the head of the nation.

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