The Range Rover Evoque concept road bike debuts at the Geneva Motor Show

Seems to be raining bikes today, as Range Rover takes the BMW road and enters the cycle arena. But unlike BMW, this concept is a road bike and not a racer. Designed by Gerry McGovern, the recreational vehicle concept is called as the Range Rover Evoque concept road bike. Taking cue from the car its built on, the bike spots a high modulus carbon fiber monocoque frame, which has been handmade by Karbona. The car features a F1 race car style building approach with aerospace alloy handle bars and composite seat post to keep the weight light. This bike will also come with a 20-gear Shimano Ultegra system, and will also bear the Range Rover and Evoque styled graphics.

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Luxurious like all its SUVs, the bike will come with a leather seat and silicone-gel grips for added comfort. This single unit concept road bike was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Hopefully a market friendly model will be in the pipeline soon.