The special Maserati, signed by Michael Schumacher is up for sale

The Maserati brothers have always been neck-deep in the world of racing. And after 40 years of staying out of the racing world, their brand finally decided to hit the asphalt once more in 2004 with the MC12. 50 road-legal cars like these were made for purchase. Well, there’s still one special Maserati among them all. This car’s single owner has taken care of his ride with a child-like treatment.

The car has a mileage of just 9800 km and €40,000 spent on its servicing. The car is now up for sale on JamesList. And if you’re still wondering what makes this car oh-so-special, take a closer look at its driver-side door, and you’ll notice something familiar in the world of racing. Michael Schumacher’s autograph! The motorsport legend himself signed the car. For sale at €671,429 ($882,000), this Maserati sure is a special one.

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