The top ten luxury car makers as per Facebook fan-following

With the entire world making its mark on the social networking site Facebook luxury cars can’t be left far behind. And if you think of a virtual race on Facebook, the BMW surely is winning and how! Although the luxury car giant Porsche recently hit the one million fans mark on its Facebook page, but they lag far behind in this regard. Here’s a quick look at how these giants stand as per their Facebook fan-following. Topping the list is BMW with 3.77 million fans backing them. Nowhere close, on number two is Ferrari with 2.8 million fans. Closing in fast at number three is Audi with 2.5 million fans.

Mercedes-Benz with 1.7 million fans and Porsche with 1.1 million fans round up the top five. The second half of the top 10 features Cadillac (265,000 fans), Maserati (140,000fans), Rolls-Royce (139,000fans), Lamborghini (68,000fans) and Koenigsegg (27,000 fans).