The United Airlines First Class Suite to be launched during 2008-09

With competition on a high and customer satisfaction at stake, companies are ready to go the extra mile to extend their support to the customers, and so is the United Airlines International First Class Suite. This futuristic-looking FC suite sports S-shaped cabins consisting of seats which recline to give that extra comfort and the seats also recline to a fully flat bed so passengers can sleep. The cabin provides exclusive privacy for the First Class Traveler with everything they own in. The United Airlines suite entertainment system offers a 15.4-inch widescreen flat panel with an on-demand digital video and music system with multiple selections of movies, TV programs, and video games. There is also an iPod dock for passengers to view content on the FC suites and a working table complete with drawers and storage spaces lets you have your own office on the flight.

The Designer, Mark Purifoy mentioned that the Airline is currently flying on some international routes and will be introduced on selected Boeing 777, 749, 767 international routes during 2008-09.