The Whike promises to blow you away

I love it when products and machines are developed, keeping in mind our wonderful planet. That is why I was impressed by the latest sport- Wiking. Wiking is a new concept that combines two sports (biking and sailing) and sends riders flying at speeds up to 40-50km/h! The Whike, a tricycle recumbent bike with a 1.6m2 sail, is street legal for both bike paths as the normal road. Thrill-seekers can actually look forward to some fun, especially when the wind blows hard as the force of the wind propels this machine further ahead. An eco-friendly and simply amazing concept, it is definitely a winner. The Whike is a green alternative for petrol bikes, cars, public transport, and a clean transport method as no batteries or engines are used.

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As long as you can count on that gust of wind to follow you around, this Whike is worth a buy. Priced at €3000 ($3,878), it is simply superb.

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