The Z-boat designed by Zaha Hadid is worth $458,000

I think motorboats are the most voracious sea monsters to own and if you get to ride one of these babies on your vacation, consider your vacation a worthy one. The sexy quotient is upped two notches if the hot new motorboat is designed by award-winning designer Zaha Hadid. She has designed this amazing boat for London-based art dealer and writer Kenny Schachter and his Rove Projects. The Z-Boat is an eight meter vessel composed of fiberglass and carbon fiber; with the current plans aiming for a color palette of gray, white and blue. (We’re expecting the black to be the most popular choice as Schachter has one for himself in black)

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The Z-Boat will be sold in a limited edition of only 12 pieces and each of them will be priced at $458,000. As for the history of design conception, the project follows an earlier partnership between Schachter/Rove and Hadid- The Z-Car which was a three wheel model that never made it to production. So, the Z-Boat looks like a determined effort of the trio to make it a success.
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