This 2019-bound BMW X7 SUV teaser tickles our curiosity, goes big on space

The BMW X-line of rides has steadily impressed us and when we hear the name of a probable X7 around the corner, we’re too just too glad. Let alone a complete shrouded teaser to go with the hint. The car is presently codenamed F17 and it is expected to offer a three-row seating format. We do not have too much room to play our guesses, thanks to the fully covered teaser. However, we can expect it to be a rather large SUV with a muscular build. The bonnet and the front bumper make some impressionable bumps under the sheet. The SUV far outdoes the X5 in terms of size.

We’re more inclined to believe that this X-Series ride is all set to be big on space, even for those sitting on the third row. Given that it falls under the 7 Series, we’re pinning our hopes on a more luxurious suite that combines performance and style.

The BMW X7 SUV will drop the drape in the 2017-2018 fiscal year, which is really far from now. What else will be see from a car that is expected three years in the future? A more eco-friendly, low-emission engine would be our bet. In terms of infotainment, we would love to see some innovation on the windscreen, like the digital drives we’ve seen envisioned in several movies.

[ Via : Ndtv ]

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