This Italian road bicycle is detailed with 24K gold and snakeskin

Some serious cyclists may debate what form of handles or handle grips are the finest and most comfortable for a long ride. Others would settle for a handle that looks means. In some cases like this, a Satyr horn-shaped handlebar is perfectly normal. And before you point your judgmental digit in our general direction, let us warn you about how expensive and precious this handle (and the whole bicycle is).

24k-gold-bicycle (1)
Crafted in a small Italian factory, the La Strana Officina Cellini UOMO bicycle is one for the keepers. And by this, we do not mean the adventurous biker who braves the muck and rain for a ride. It’s built like a functional showpiece, and we do not see any other way it should be treated. The stage-wise painting process sees a matte black layer that is soon introduced to a glossy bronze that complements the matte. The interesting part is when 24-carat gold is introduced in the design of the bike. On one half of the handlebar, Faux snakeskin gives it the Satyr horn-like look while the rest is gold-plated.
24k-gold-bicycle (3)
Even the pedals on this one have anodized gold, giving you another reason not to want to place your feet on it. The twisted spokes and the joystick inspired braking system complete the specifics of this rather intriguing bicycle.
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[ Via : Designboom ]

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