This one-off Lazareth LM 847 tilting quad-bike packs a 4.7-liter Maserati engine, drives 470 ponies

Few bikes could rival Batman’s ride but when it comes to creating something truly breathtaking, we got to give it to one Ludovich Lazareth. He has put together a juggernaut that seems to be just make everything superhero seem invalid. It comes with four single-sided swingarms, rim-mounted brakes, dual hub-center steering and a Ducati Panigale tail!

While the looks and the body build is impressive, the Lazareth LM 847 also packs a 4.7-liter Maserati V8 engine! This drives about 470 ponies and it goes without saying that you would need to have quite a monster to make this a reality on two wheels. Adding to the macho flavor is a TFX rear shock absorber that valiantly embraces all the hostile terrains that you have planned for it. Last, but not the least, the bike packs a 4-wheel riding experience that makes it something between a Ghost Rider stead and a quad-bike.

Coming from a former ruling that bikes were restricted to 100 horsepower, this seems to tear into the new, more relaxed rule that lets bikers and bike-makers explore more powerful engines. The Lazareth LM 847 surpasses the limit by more than four times and there’s no stopping it, given that it isn’t one for the production line. This tilting quad-bike should hopefully get manufacturers thinking, we hope.

[ Via : Lazareth ]