This ridiculously long Audi A8 limousine is 6m long and has 6 doors

Audi has surprised us with the release of a one-of-its-kind extended Audi A8 L. The car stretches to 20 feet in length, from the front bumper to the rear one. That’s a lot of room for a car that does have a wheelbase specification in its stock rendition. This particular model will be a one-off build, specially commissioned by a wealthy European.

Audi has used that same components in the build as the original car and packed in 3.6 feet of sheet metal to the wheelbase to make the cabin a lot more spacious. Another significant addition to the car’s design is the nearly 8-foot long roof panel to keep the cabin well lit. The company has made subtle enhancements across the body of the car so as to make it a true limo, an effort that took a year. The six-door format seems to fit in quite well with the Audi A8 L. All three rows of seat within the car are forward facing unlike most limo formats. It can seat six passengers who will most certainly appreciate the beige leather interiors and individual sun blinds. The third row passengers are in for a treat with their own cooler and entertainment system.

Audi have also included a 3-liter TFSI V6 engine that takes this beauty from 0-100 kmph in 7.1 seconds. We’re taking guesses as to how much this bill would cost its owner.

[ Via : Digitaltrends ]

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