This “Trump branded” Mclaren 650s was recently burnt to the ground

Being crowned the President of the U.S of A clearly speaks of the number of supporters Trump has by his side. With most Trump fans still doing the happy dance, one of them is surely sitting distraught for choosing the president-elect as his icon, or at the least for being expressive about it. We are talking about the (now not so proud) owner of the blue Mclaren 650 S Spider that was often spotted at car events with the TRUMP signage emblazoned on it.

The 206mph supercar wore the infamous “Make America great again” slogan in the form of vinyl detachable decals on both sides. The Mclaren is also reported to be the same car that was publicized as the “Trumpmobile” on Facebook in recent times. As per the Baltimore Sun, investigators claim the owner’s bold support for President-elect Donald Trump as a potential motive to have it in flames. To further confirm this as the only obvious truth, the car’s owner – Robert Dicocco also reported of being confronted by an unidentified man who enquired about the Trump signage on the car, right before the unfortunate event.

The not so trump-loving suspect is said to have broken into the car before burning it from the inside. Ten firefighters from the Aberdeen Volunteer Fire Company who were immediately summoned managed to put out the fire within twenty minutes with no reported injuries. While everyone escaped unharmed, the owner of the $ 280,000 plus Mclaren will probably take long before recovering from the trauma of having his beloved cars in ashes.

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