This ultra luxurious explorer yacht has transforming main and upper decks

It’s time to talk about superyachts! And the new kid on the block today is Valerio Rivellini’s 56-meter explorer yacht called ‘Extended Explorer’. Combining the “reliability of military vehicles” with the “comfort and innovative power of the most luxurious pleasure yachts,” the vessel is one of the best of its kind to date.

While decked with several amenities, its stand-out feature is the extendable stern that allows the main and upper decks to be expanded simultaneously. Once extended, the upper deck’s stern is ideal for sunbathing and dining, while the stern of the main deck can be utilized for setting up an outdoor gym or a table for two. The vessel’s upper deck also accommodates a full-beam suite, while the main deck features access to a beach club.

Commenting on it, Rivellini said: “While Extended Explorer’s stability and robustness enable it to tackle the icy seas of the North in total safety and comfort, the exterior spaces are ideal for fully enjoying the warmer seas, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, thanks to their breadth and versatility, which are further enhanced by the extendable stern.”

The yacht’s interiors are customizable and come with nubuck leather fabrics in blue shades and white lacquer. While not the first to boast an ingenious expandable deck design, Valerio Rivellini’s ‘Extended Explorer’ is a winner!

[Via: Boat International]

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