This Plumber goes to work in a Bentley!

This one should put the handsome plumber, Mike Defino from Desperate Housewives, to shame! Peter Vandenberg from Auckland’s North Shore has been turning heads with his bizarre set of wheels for work. After pumping in more than $360,000 into his new car, he has successfully converted the Bentley into a… plumber’s van. Atlas Plumbing’s sign writing, roof rack and equipment are all stowed in here. In the plumbing business since the last six months, he previously made his living in property development in London and New Zealand. He says buying a Bentley as a plumbing vehicle is a bit of a ‘practical joke on the industry.’ And what a joke it is! Having to clean it twice a day, the 12-cylinder, six-liter engine guzzles about $120 of fuel every two days. High-maintenance is what we call in this part of the world; we wonder who bears the cost for it!

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