Tonke campers are here!

The origins of travel trailers and caravanning can be traced back to traveling Gypsies and showmen and even if you are none of these there is no harm in checking out the very today and fantabulous looking Tonke Campers. The Tonke Campers are all hand-built with a craftsmanship once lost in the industry. “Gorgeous polished mahogany fittings provide a pleasing contrast to the teak floors. The sinks are porcelain, and the faucets are chrome. The windows are flat, clear, and bright. You can specify solid wood doors and enjoy the view through safety glass, not molded or tinted plastic.”

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The expense is a given considering its pros as for cons I fail to see any. All I can think of is how you can have an amazing time while on the go…live like a nomad fellas!!

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