Torq, the world’s fastest three wheeled electric vehicle to be launched in California

While many luxury companies are looking towards providing for a greener and cleaner tomorrow, most are making only a halfhearted effort. However, Epic EV’s Torq roadster changes the game completely. While knowledge of this three-wheeler has been around for a while, the company never really advertised it. While Epic EV did bring it to SEMA 2012, it was relegated to the parking lot as part of the Dub Show Tour. It seems, however, that this is all set to change; the company finally has an unveiling party for its all-electric Torq. The event will take place on the 6th of April at its R & D facility in Vista, California. The event will see the first example of the car being delivered to a customer as well as some Ride and Drive action and the release of the specs of the car.

The base price for this green-conscious roadster is $65,000; accessories and other customized options will also be revealed at the event.

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Since it was first developed in 2012, the Torq has undergone a lot of changes, most involving re-engineering. They collaborated with Palatov Motorsports for the re-engineering and Designs by 11 and Motive Industries for the exteriors.

Three-wheel vehicles aren’t usually the top choice for Americans. However, 4 seconds to get from 0 to 60 ought to change their mind. The company is, in fact, so optimistic that they’re hoping to build over 50 cars this year and more in 2014.

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[Via – Autoblog]

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