Total Experience teams up with Martin Aircraft to offer Jetpack test pilot program for just $10,700

For all you thrill-seekers under 18 years of age, here is your chance to fly high. New Zealand adventure travel specialist Total Experience has teamed up with Martin Aircraft to offer a Jetpack “test pilot” program! The only condition is you have to weigh below 90kgs and have a valid driver’s license. Definitely cheaper than the $100,000 Martin Jetpack, a solo flight on this VTOL Jetpack will set you back by NZD 15,000 (about $10,700) only. The “test pilot” training program is held at the Martin Aircraft in Christchurch, New Zealand, in a supervised, controlled environment. The best part of this Jetpack is that it is straightforward to fly, and you require absolutely no previous flying experience to soar the skies in this Jetpack. Extremely safe and backed by hours of experience, the Martin Aircraft flight team has flown over 5000 tests flights of the VTOL “Jetpack” in the past year.

If you wish to make this a group experience, the offer also allows you the option of being accompanied by up to 4 extra people, at the cost of sacrificing some of your own flight time. You will obviously be provided with the safety gear and the test pilot jumpsuit. But here is the best part; you’ll also go home with a video of your amazing feat!

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