Tow-n-Stow is a multi-purpose trailer that converts into a cabinet

Hauling heavy stuff around is one of the most tedious jobs to be done, but it is also one of the inevitable ones, especially when you have a huge garden, farmhouse, or loads of miscellaneous work to do. The Two-n-Stow is a car-towable trailer that cuts your ‘workload’ by less than half times by converting into a storage unit. The watertight trailer holds 1.4 cubic meters, has two removable doors over the top, and a removable tailgate to accommodate ramps. The trailer cum cabinet comes in handy to haul anything right from mulch, sports gear, plywood, lawn tractor to a four-wheeler.

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But a trailer measuring 180 kg and having a potential storage capacity of 450 Kg is definitely not going to come cheap to anyone. It will set you back about $2500. It’s not even junk when you’ve done the hauling, as you can store your junk in there and pack it off in the corner of your garage.

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