Toyota Sequoia is armored and pimped for a safe and luxe ride

The trend of traveling in luxury is not a new one, however the need to travel in secure luxury is becoming extremely popular amongst the rich and famous. We live in an age of hyped up pop culture, where you’re not really a celebrity unless you have a stalker. Lexani Motorcars has recently added the armored car experience to a Toyota Sequoia, this is not the first such car, there was the armored Jaguar, Rida’s luxury armored vehicles and Unicat man’s 6×6 truck. However this is no ordinary armored car, it affords owners a luxurious experience inside. Inside this armored Toyota you will find, plush leather seating, wine coolers, an LCD flat screen fitted on the cabin divider all finished with a beautiful wood trim. Passengers seated in the rear can also see what’s going on outside because of numerous discreet cameras. If this isn’t enough for you, almost all the on board electronics can be controlled via an iPad.

This Toyota is unique not just because of the luxury but also because of the incredible security it offers. There is sufficient armoring on 5 sides of it to protect from 7.62×51 mm rifle rounds and the plating under the body of the car is strong enough to resist grenades and land mines. Small details like reinforced hinges for longevity and steel casing for the fuel tank make this armored Toyota Sequoia completely secure.

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