Toyota unveils the $10,000 Lexus bicycle

We’ve come across luxury car manufacturers go a step ahead adding their engineered excellence to other products as well. This includes not just cars, but also mobile phones, watches and buggies. Brands like BMW, Aston Martin, and Ferrari are also known for the bicycles they manufacture. Sources reveal that this may be a tactic they use to improve brand image. However, we would like to take it as an exercise to roll out optimum performance. It’s in one such attempt that Toyota Motor Corp. recently unveiled a luxury bicycle under its Lexus banner.

Toyota has used the same fine materials that has used for the body of its Lexus LFA, the brand’s top-end sports car model. Shimano Inc., a Japanese manufacturer that produces high-quality bicycle parts has made the transmission and wheels of the bicycle. News has it, that he bicycle can be used for racing.

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The new two-wheeler from the house of Toyota comes with a price tag of not less than 1 million yen ($10,000). Only 100 units of the bicycle will be produced worldwide.

[Via: BikeRadar ]