Travelling to space on zero2infinity balloon will be cheaper than Virgin Galactic spaceflights

If you want a view from the space, but don’t like the idea of fling cocooned inside a rocket, then u ought to catch up with Spanish entrepreneur José Mariano López-Urdiales, the founder of zero2infinity. In a bid to give you a taste “the black expanse of space and the curvature of the earth” that too from a balloon! Unlike the Virgin Galactic that promises a 100 km ride into space, this one will take you to a distandce of just 36 kms, but the view is to die for promises López-Urdiales, as the view will last for a few hours and not just a couple of minutes. The passengers will be offered five to six hours in space with “two hours at cruise altitude with the blackness of space above them and the curvature of the earth below”.

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While a full-fledged experience will be priced at €110,000 ($156,000), it is still cheaper than the $200,000 you would pay for a ride in the SpaceShipTwo. Initial flights will be off Spain, where the company is located.