Triketec V2 Roadster for $40,000 won’t tip!

It’s not quite usual to see an adult driving a tri-cycle, oops I meant a three-wheeler vehicle. Bridging the gap between a bike and a car is this Triketec V2 Roadster. As the name suggests, the vehicle is powered by a turbocharged inline three-cylinder engine, has independent suspension at the rear, along with traction control and ABS braking. It has a 92 hp engine and weighs 1,227 pounds of weight. Now there are many like me who will have tons of reasons to complain too. Like it cannot give you a rugged feeling of a bike nor can it provide cover from wind or rain like a car. All this pertaining to the kind of price tag it carries.

The trike’s base price is $40,000. Can someone tell me if a two wheeler’s license will be enough for this Triketec V2 Roadster?