Triton 1000 for the affluently luxurious

Owning a private yacht and having a lavish party every second day is sure a good thing, but it isn’t that exciting for the big shots. What’s really got the oomph factor is the US submarine called the Triton 1000 that accommodates 2 people. This new watercraft does not negate the need of your existing yacht as it gets coolly deployed from your medium-large yacht. The Triton 1000 boasts of an excellent visibility and luxurious interiors, which ensures a comfy ‘ride’ under the water.

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The sub is specially built specifically to gratify the piloting fads and hence its operations are surprisingly easy. Now here’s the creepy part; Triton 1000 costs a hefty $1.69 million. But it should not be that big a deal for wealthy yacht-owners who like their dates to have a good view of the under water life.

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