Two Mercedes-Benz models will sport Kleer’s high quality wireless audio technology

What good is a luxury car if you can protect it from goons who want to steal your hard-earned toy? If you loved the novelty the Mercedes-Benz guys have offered in the past, like the kiddy safe cars or their attention assist system, well, they have just added another feather on their hat! Select 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class models will come with an SMSC’s Wireless Audio powered by Kleer Technology and MOST multimedia networking standard. Called as Automotive Infotainment System, the unit uses minimal power reserves, which means your headsets last long between battery recharges. Car owners can pick from a variety of third-party head or ear phones supporting Kleer.

With the help of MOST and Kleer technologies, the system ensures a high-quality Bluetooth and Wi-Fi accessibility, creating a high-bandwidth infotainment system for your automobile.

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