UAE Sheikh to travel in the $17 million Superbus

What would you offer the Sheikhs in UAE if you are proposing mass transport? Well, you can’t give them a run-of-the-mill bus right? And thus the idea of the Superbus project was born. Boasting of speeds as high as 250 km/h (155 mph), reports suggest that the system is quite a rage already. It will be reportedly used by a Sheikh to travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The bus offers seating capacity for as many as 23 passengers. Priced at €13 million ($17 million), for a bus, the Dutch inventor Wubbo Ockels, is crafted out of lightweight materials, and sports a gullwing door as opposed to the a caterpillar styled one and “offers an electric drivetrain”.

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The car is powered by a by a lithium polymer battery pack and comes with a braking energy recovery system.