Uber launches all new environment friendly taxi-service in Madrid

Beloved taxi services provider- Uber is back in the news! After its successful re-launch in Spain earlier this year, the popular cab service has taken it up a notch with the introduction of UberOne – the company’s all-electric fleet of cabs. The novel facility will debut in the capital city of Madrid and will employ a series of Tesla Model S cars.

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Launched earlier this month on the 22nd of December, the unique cab service is similar to UberBlack, the only difference being that it will run all-electric Tesla’s alone (at least at the very beginning). Aimed to cater particularly to the needs of environmentally conscious folks, the cars will come in-built with Microsoft Surface Pro tablets in the backseats, thus giving riders access to the internet, trip data, and a linked Spotify account. As far as the fares are concerned, the service quite obviously operates at higher prices compared to the regular Uber X, (local UberX pricing is €0.10 per minute, with a minimum trip cost of €5, and UberONE runs at €0.45 per minute, with a minimum trip cost of €8). However, the waiting charges for both are anticipated to be the same – close to 5 to 10 minutes.

This move by Uber is predicted to be its struggle to get up and close with the Spanish government, post the taxi- provider’s ban in the country back in 2014. Starting off in Madrid, Uber aims to do its bit in reducing the growing CO2 levels in the city. Hopefully, in the months (or years) to come, we can find UberOne expanding its reach to other countries across the globe as well!


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