Uber-luxurious Vivace26 Concept Speed Boat for the well-heeled

The first step to proving you are rich is to get yourself an awesome boat, which these days everyone seems to be having. So how do you go ahead and get yourself something unique and really outlandish? All you would need to do is go ahead and get the Vivace26 Concept Speed Boat, which has been designed by a posse of designers including Garret Miller, Heather Witkop, David Robinson, and Matt Wysenski & Julian Romero. It is a two-seater boat that comes with futuristic technology and specs.

The Audi Rio Lemans Prototype helps the V12 TDI diesel engine and can produce a horsepower of 650. Fully convertible top, joystick steering, steering, OLED display screens and hull stabilizers are some of the other give-aways with this ultimate speed boat. So if you want to make the snooty faced neighbour next door go green with envy, get this amazing Vivace26 Concept Speed Boat. However it is a concept and would take time to reach the market if it ever makes it. Check out other speedboats that we featured earlier like the Czeers MK1 and the Silvestris SC 43.
Via: Yanko Design

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