U.K. 150 superyacht touted to be one of the largest sloops in the world

Kelly yachts and UKI Design have collaborated to develop one of the most stunning superyacht. The new development, a 150ft super-sloop, has been christened the U.K. 150. What is more, this amazing superyacht is touted to be one of the largest sloops in the world. The concept combines the feeling of a powerful and reactive sailing boat with beautiful design and modern technology. The hull will be made from pre-preg carbon fiber and has a displacement of 135 tons. The yacht will be equipped with a lifting keel system and double rudders that will allow it to anchor in shallow waters. The simple and minimalistic design adds to the beauty of this superyacht. The deckhouse boasts large windows and a large door connecting the living room’s external guest area. Three basic models are available; central owner’s cabin, aft owner’s cabin, and forward owner’s cabin.

The customer has various customization options as well to make sure the superyacht meets his/her requirements. Simply amazing the U.K. 150 is sure to rule the waters.

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