Ultimate Factories on National Geographic features the Rolls-Royce Phantom supercar

Car enthusiasts, who love to increase their knowledge about cars or just enjoy car trivia, will surely enjoy watching the show Ultimate Factories on National Geographic. Last week, the show featured the Rolls-Royce and the production of their flagship Phantom supercar. For all those who missed it, here is some info on the amazing supercar that is the Phantom. The Phantom is the first car produced by Rolls-Royce after it was acquired by BMW in 1998. The show gave further details about the manufacture of this mean machine. Manufacture of the Phantom begins in Unterhallerau, Germany, where it’s strong and lightweight space frame chassis is built. The space and body frame is then sent to BMW’s factory in Dingolfing, Germany for corrosion-resistance treatment and primer paint. Next, the Phantom is shipped to a manufacturing facility constructed by BMW specifically to build the new generation of Rolls-Royce motorcars.

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It takes hundred’s of technicians, artists, designers, mechanics and an average of 450 hours to create this beauty. For its base price of $380,000, car lovers are offered an impressive list of standard amenities like 90 square yards (75 sq meters) of A-grade Bavarian leather upholstery and book matched interior wood trim, hand-crafted from exotic veneers. Furthermore, there is also a customization option available for users who crave for more luxurious features.
This extra trivia about the Phantom supercar will surely make car enthusiasts crave for this beauty even more.

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