UNICAT MAN 6×6 truck offers extreme luxuries

The UNICAT MAN 6×6 is the latest custom-built beauty to have got my attention. Custom built for a customer, based on the MAN TGA 6×6 Chassis, this truck is a sturdy yet comfy luxury haven. The EX70-HDQ MAN TGA 6×6 by UNICAT boasts a 14’9″ chassis riding on 6 wheels and is powered by a 480 hp diesel engine through a 16-speed manual transmission, and weighs approximately 46,064 lbs. This rough and tough truck boasts a comfortable interior that includes a conventional oven with a steamer, dishwasher, espresso maker, 26-gallon fridge with freezer, 3 wardrobes, and solar power system, satellite TV, 177-gallon freeze proof drinkable water tanks, and most importantly, integrated ATV storage compartment. This truck is burglarproof, scratch proof, and even has double insulated windows with mosquito nets for safety and security. There are air suspended seats beside the lavish amenities making this truck one mean monster. One look at the pictures, and you will know just how luxurious and extravagant this beauty is.

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This truck has got my thumbs up for sure.

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