Up for grabs: The 2011 Mercedes AMG Accessories Collection

Before you relegate the AMG 2011 collection from Mercedes as another of Merc’s offering, we’d like you to read this first. A far run from the ordinary, the new business line accessories boast of high-quality materials, sound handcraftsmanship and elegant, high-calibre chic. Made keeping in mind a successful day at the office, the collection includes items such as a functional laptop trolley suitcase in leather/nylon with variable interior compartments for clothes, a laptop and cable compartment plus wheels with AMG styling. There’s also the lavishly styled documents case with credit card and organiser compartments.But what really makes the collection unique is the AMG 2011’s casual range that has windcheaters, polo shirts and caps for women, men and children. And joy of joys, the selection range offers the gull-wing SLS AMG as high-quality 1:87, 1:43 and 1:18 scale models.

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