Using 3D printing technology Lamborghini is building mechanical lungs to fight the coronavirus pandemic

Automobili Lamborghini has come ahead yet again to help Italy fight the coronavirus pandemic. After opening its production facility to make masks and face shields for frontline healthcare workers, the automaker’s latest contribution comes in the form of a mechanical lung created to be used as a breathing simulator. Lamborghini in a press release announced that it “is making available resources and equipment of its Research and Development Department for the co-engineering and production of lung simulators to support SIARE Engineering International Group, the leading Italian pulmonary respirator manufacturer, during the health emergency due to the spread of COVID-19.” The specialized device will be used by testing personnel to conduct initial evaluative tests of the ventilator’s performance before reaching the final testing stage.

According to Lamborghini, in just two weeks’ time the company made use of its “3D printing laboratory to design, produce, and validate the simulator, optimizing the components.” This has enabled the production unit to build 18 simulators per week. This is being done in addition to the production of medical visors made in polycarbonate which is also created with the help of 3D printing. Both the lifesaving items are made produced using a highly-precise HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printer with MJF technology. Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata manufacturing plant is currently closed for the production of cars – a situation that is common to most automobile manufacturers across the globe because of the pandemic. However, the whole industry has come ahead as an active fighting force with the use of its technical prowess to help their respective governments tackle the acute shortage of medical supplies. Recently, Tesla uploaded a video of its engineers working on a prototype ventilator made from its car components.

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