Vespa 946 scooter is wrapped in handcrafted luxury

There’d be few who haven’t dreamt of roaming the streets of Rome on a Vespa; what else! Fewer still haven’t brought alive the dream by scoring that scooter and picturing Rome even if they’re cruising down neighborhood streets. But what if that dream were to feature a fine new Vespa rolling with handcrafted luxury? I’d say it wouldn’t be far from reality. There is an all-new Vespa, and from what they’re saying, it will better than anyone’s Rome-streets-cruising fantasy.

Six whole years after their last design, Vespa has decidedly upped its two-wheeled game if the company claims that the Vespa 946 will be the “most well equipped, styled and technologically advanced Vespa. Ever.” The scooter-turned-icon is now coming handcrafted like it wasn’t a vehicle but a pizza, freshly baked from Italy. Every premium component is assembled by hand, from the first stitching on the leather handle grips to the final polish. And if that weren’t enough, the 946 will be introduced like a yearly fashion collection! Limited numbers will be produced for each country, and the “new collection” each year will be based on a new color, premium components/finishing, customizations, and accessories.

Still, if, like me, you find yourself reminiscing over the lure of the original and are afraid that fusing ‘futuristic’ with a world favorite will dampen the charms of the sweet scooter, know that the 946 does not forget its heritage. Its design is inspired by the MP6, the first Vespa prototype of 1946 and the world’s most recognized scooter. And besides that, the latest scooter also makes Vespa history by becoming the first to feature aluminum elements alongside its Italian artistry. According to the company, “the 946 is the design cue for future Vespa generations, carrying the legacy of a ‘Made in Italy’ tradition.” That is hardly anything to lose when thinking of better technology.

Enhanced by the incorporated aluminum support, the saddle combines extraordinary design with great functionality. The rear side panels exude art deco elegance even as the striking seat pays homage to Vespa’s classic. But the standout feature is the headlamp, implemented with full LED technology. With all this, the Vespa 946 rolls into U.S. and Canadian dealerships in November bathed in Montebianco (white) and a Nero Lucido (black). And for $9,946, it is truly Italian luxury on wheels!







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