Virgin America new interiors akin to discotheques

Since this world has become a global village, moving by air from one location to another is not considered extraordinary or luxurious anymore. But natural most of the airlines have spruce up their services as well as interiors to offer comforting journey. Recently I cam across Virgin America which is the latest in a new breed of “hybrid” airlines that shun the “low-cost airline” label in favor of “lower cost with better amenities.” It’s refreshing to find pink and blue lights illuminating the cabin while the seats in black leather with white high-gloss plastic backs add an ommph to the setup. However the mood lighting is different at night. The whole ambiance makes you feel like you are sitting in some hip-hop club. The futuristic-sounding music echoes through the plane while the plane taxies to the runway.

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On the downside, the in-flight entertainment is not up to the mark, especially if you compare it with its competitor, the JetBlue airlines.