Virgin Charter allows you to buy or sell charter flights online

Adding one more feather to his hat, Richard Branson’s Virgin Charter is one of his more intriguing endeavors. But like most of you, I too am wondering the will Virgin Charter make it possible for an average/well-to-do leisure traveler to fly in a private jet without plunging into debt? Yeah! The company is hoping that it can put customers on the return trips that chartered jets must often make empty after they’ve dropped passengers at their destination. The aim is to make booking charter flights as easy as booking commercial flights. Virgin Charter, majority-owned by Virgin USA, aims to bring a level of transparency and simplicity to a business that does not exist today. Scott Duffy, Virgin Charter Chief Executive, said the new service is a combination of three of the best ideas on the Internet: the user and seller reviews provided by online auctioneer eBay Inc; Priceline’s ability to let consumers offer their own bids on flights, and the simplicity of Expedia Inc and Travelocity. Rollover to know more about how easy it’s going to be ‘Click, buy and fly’.

Virgin Charter provides an easy way for buyers and sellers to find each other and manage entire transactions online. To purchase a charter trip, buyers can go online, post their specific trip request, locate available aircraft, negotiate to price, and manage their entire trip over the internet. While sellers make their inventory available to a large international customer base without changing the way they currently do business. Virgin Charter, however, does not own or operate any aircraft or act as a charter broker. Eventually, everyone wins! If you’re a buyer, you have more choice, more convenience, and more control. If you’re a seller, you have access to more customers and more control. And for those who cannot think of affording all this luxury, the hot deals section can offer some luck!
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