Volkswagen gets a style makeover with Karl Lagerfeld

Yup, you heard that right. Twice. The two German icons have come together to give you the ultimate in stylish hatchback you could ever think of owning. In a twist of events, Volkswagen has teamed up with the legendary trendsetter to give its ordinary-looking hatchbacks a fashionable twist. Volkswagen Polo, Golf, and Golf Plus are the lucky models for the overhaul.

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The changes will include special touches such as new alloys, tinted windows, lamp lenses, and special badges. There will also be a Style Plus package that would upgrade the wheels and throw in a sunroof. Pretty smart move for VW; unfortunately, both are only available in Germany for the time being.
But then its Karl doing the redesigning and that should be a reson enough to fly to Moscow, ain’t it? Else, just fly to see what VW has done, again!

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