A backseat that even puts the Mercedes S Class to shame

Volvo recently revealed the second of its extra plush Excellence models – the S90, preceded by the marquee’s March edition of the XC90 Excellence SUV. Conceptualized to be built and assembled in China from scratch, the luxury car is unique like none other as it comes minus the front passenger seat in a peculiar three-seater avatar.

Truly deluxe in its make, the Volvo S9 is designed to particularly be driven by a chauffeur, which is why it incorporates an extra-long wheelbase and a lounge console in place of the missing front seat.
The extra space in the front can be used as a footrest/shoe cubby/touchscreen holder or for anything your imagination can possibly conjure up. This probably means you can always keep a pair of two extra footwear handy while on the go. (In case you change your mind and want a last-minute celebrity style shoe change)
Further, space also showcases a screen, folding tables, and a built-in fridge with accompanying crystal glasses from leading Swedish glass design company Orrefors, amongst a range of other glamourous interior ensembles, all furnished with high-quality materials.
The classy drive also comes with a range-topping T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid that delivers a stout 410 horsepower. This makes up for an ideal combination of a 2.0-liter turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder with electric motors.

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The S90 is scheduled to make its world debut on November 19 at the 2016 Guangzhou auto show, which will also see the first unveiling of the car’s special Chinese variant. Though not much is known on the luxury car’s availability in the US, American motor aficionados can barely wait to lay their hands on the luxe new Volvo!

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