Volvo’s Red Key Ensures That Your 90 Series car Is Driven Responsibly

If you own a luxe new (or not so new) Volvo S90, V90, or XC90, they are bound to be the dotting apples of your eyes. While you may leave no stone unturned to keep your beloved 90 series in topmost shape, the same cannot be expected in those rare times when you aren’t the one behind the wheel. If you are someone who often needs to handover the reigns of your luxury Volvo in the hands of another, you are in for some luck and relief with the brand’s recently introduced Red Key!

The novel key, probably termed as the “Red Key” for the alertness and safety it brings to owners, is nothing but a secondary key to your Volvo that lets you control a majority of the car’s functions, even when you are not the one driving it. For starters, you can limit the machine’s speed to 75 mph (120 km/h) while also programing the Adaptive Cruise Control to maintain a maximum distance to the car in front and assigning the preset speed warning at 30, 45, and 55 mph (50, 70 and 90 km/h).

Further, the red key can restrict the maximum volume for the audio system and ensure a permanent activation of certain driver support functions such as Lane Keeping Aid, Forward Collision Control, Blind Spot Information System, Distance Alert, Traffic Sign Recognition, and Driver Alert Control. You can manipulate the Red Key functions as per your liking by using your regular key. So if you’re left feeling like the Red Key is probably that one thing your Volvo needs, you can contact your car dealer and get one now!


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