Volvo’s S90 Ambient Concept lets you enjoy the Northern Lights from the backseat

At the 2018 Beijing Motor Show that kicks off tomorrow, Volvo will display a new concept based on its S90 flagship sedan that features a unique cabin designed to offer a more relaxing and enjoyable ride for its passengers. The show car is built upon the Volvo S90 Excellence variant that comes with a three-seat arrangement on the inside. Called the Ambient Concept, the special interior package features a dynamic headliner on which different visual elements are projected based on the selected theme: Scandinavian Forest, Northern Lights, Rain, Archipelago, and Swan Lake. The visuals displayed on the headliner are augmented with matching audio from the car’s Bowers and Wilkins sound system. To make the experience more immersive, four specially created scents matching the different themes are released from a dispenser built into the center console.

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The S90 Ambience Concept also has a Nocturnal mode for when the passengers want to rest and also a “Freedom” mode offering a “boost of fresh and uplifting energy.” The function can be operated using a smartphone app. Although, it is still in the concept phase, but Volvo says it plans to offer this feature on the road-going sedan, with a focus on the Chinese market. There is no word on if the concept will make its way to production in the US.

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