Vulcan Motor Club allows members to drive luxury cars

Many car lovers and enthusiasts are deprived of driving around in their dream cars due to the lack of money. It is only the select few who can afford to enjoy the luxuries of these exquisite cars. But now, car enthusiasts living around the NYC – NJ – LI metro area can actually experience firsthand what it’s like to drive around in some of the most luxurious cars ever, courtesy, Vulcan Motor Club. Established in 2007, this club focuses on placing a select fleet of the world’s most prestigious high-performance and luxury vehicles at your disposal. Membership and plans vary from a $1,240/one-time 5-hour drive to a $28,800/year plan that allows 40 days of annual use and 40,000 annual miles with access to the full fleet of 12 cars. There are several levels in between as well, so you can choose the plan that suits your pocket and your need for speed. This is one club that every car enthusiast must join.

To join or learn more about this unique car club just click here or just view Vulcan’s blog.

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