Watch – Man tries to take photos of his Land Rover on a New Jersey beach as the sea swallows it

To capture the perfect shot, sometimes people go to great lengths to get great results and rather end up making an ass of themselves. Here’s one such instance where a Land Rover owner’s plan to get majestic photos of his car quickly turned into a nightmare. The Land Rover owner decided to click some pictures on the beach next to the Atlantic Ocean and almost ended up losing his car to the ocean. When the driver got out of his vehicle at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey, the car quickly started to sink as the tide changed and it was buffeted by waves.

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When the help arrived in the form of Park Police, they found the owner of the car frantically trying to shovel the vehicle from the surf line in order to keep it from sinking further. According to them, the tow company was able to easily remove the vehicle because it was a low tide when help arrived. The video of the incident was posted on Facebook in which the man can be seen attempting to shovel out his white SUV. Once the vehicle was freed from the sand, witnesses say the man wanted to drive it, even though its engine was making strange sounds and its lights were flashing. The man was however not ticketed as he had a Mobile Sportfishing Vehicle permit allowing him to operate a four-wheel drive on fishing beaches

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