Wazuma V8, the world’s most expensive quad bike is up for grabs

Being a superhero and saving the day might not be everybody’s cup of tea. But owing slick gadgets and rides to put any superhero to shame isn’t all so tough to manage. So if you want a stunning ride that can go as fast as 241km/h, then the world’s most expensive quad bike is just the thing you need. The one-off Wazuma V8 created by French company Lazareth features a 250bhp 30L V8 Ferrari engine and BMW M3 handlebars with the “6-speed sequential gearbox controlled from the handlebars”. The red-hued 2011 dated off-roading bike can be yours for a staggering €200,000 ($261,300). But then again, when did superhero-dome come cheap?


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