Welcome Wally50m!

Whoever made the adage ‘third time lucky’ surely didn’t make it for good. I certainly don’t believe in the saying for reasons that I will reveal further. The first time unlucky was when Wally 101 was sold last April. Second time unlucky was when Wally 100.3 got sold two weeks ago and third time unlucky as the coveted and super cool Wally 50m, a blue-water sloop combining all the comforts and amenities of a mega yacht with the Wally performance and ease of handling has been signed. Now that’s a great loss for the rest of the world but whoever has taken this baby home is one hell of a ‘lucky’ guy! The Wally 50m is breathtaking with large lounge areas including the forward cockpit, the flying bridge, the aft deck, and the terrace on the sea. The foredeck features a 2.4×2.4 m (7’10”x 7’10”) Jacuzzi tub, and two hidden tender garages. The flying bridge/sun deck features the navigation and helm stations, and a lounge/dining area for 16 people with sofas and BBQ area.

Yes, you read right and I am sure you now have a glimpse of what it means to own this yacht. It has been carefully designed with all living spaces characterized by the open space loft and flexibility concept to change configurations according to the use and requirements of different moments. The yacht is being built at the WallyEurope facility in Fano, Italy, and the delivery is scheduled for spring 2010.