What a Ferrari salesman will never tell you – These are the biggest disadvantages of driving a supercar. (Getting in and out of the car can be a real pain)

We all dream of them, stick up their posters in our bedroom as kids, gawk at them on the streets, and always aim of buying that one supercar before turning 50,40, or even 30. That’s the seduction of supercars, their sharp design, the low seating, the roar of the engine, and the speed, it’s just next to impossible to not fall for that. But that $250,000 dream machine has its own set of problems. Christos Adams highlights the downsides of a supercar.

As an owner of a Lamborghini, a Porsche 911 GT3 and a heavily modified Mazda, I feel capable of answering your question since I have a super car but also other very fast “regular” cars.

so here are the issues that I see:

1 Difficult ingress/egress – regardless of how young and fit you are it’s more difficult to be sitting almost down on the road and lifting yourself up every time you are getting in and out of the car

2 …then it’s the size of the doors, seriously (with the exception of the scissor like doors that certain only cars have) it’s extremely hard to open the doors when you have other cars parked next to you. This is because long slick coupes have very long doors which you can’t easily open at the limited space you find in the city center’s parking lots

3. People are taking photos of your car and – you guessed it – of you too all the time! If you don’t see what’s the problem right now think again the next time your scratch your nose while waiting at a traffic light!

4. Then it’s the assumption that you are filthy rich 🤑 which I don’t really get! So if you buy a top of the line Ford F-350 truck at $87k you are an everyday hard working guy

But if you buy a stunning Lamborghini like the one in the ad below at $72k

you must somehow be a billionaire and expected to be able to answer everyone’s questions about how to make a fortune 😂

5. The cherry topper of course it has to be is the amount of gold-digging women which will want to exploit you for whatever you have to offer! I must admit that this kind of attention might feel nice at times but the reality is that you don’t want these people in your life…

6. Maintenance and repairs are extremely high – sometimes x10 more than in your daily driver. Most body shops will ask about $10,000–12,000 to paint your front and rear bumper. A clutch replacement costs around $7,500 and if you crack your windshield you will have to pay $5,800 for a new one (ask me how I know). In case you get involved in a fender bender it’s good to know that the taillights are about $5k

7. Gas mileage sucks, with the exception of the latest hybrid supercars (like the Porsche 918 Spyder) most supercars have bad fuel consumption, like 7–10Mpg in the city

8. You can’t see sh***! Even though you have a nice large windshield you are sitting very low to the ground so you can’t see very far ahead. Visibility at the back and sides is always a challenge with most mid engines supercars

In return, you get to drive a rare car that people with passion and pride for their country made somewhere in Europe. You smell fine leather when you drive it around! You bring smiles to people and make kids happy by letting them sit inside or take a picture!

You get to drive in cross country rallies, participate in car races and socialize with other people with a passion for cars!

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