What’s more exclusive than a private boat? An armored private boat

We’ve seen many a luxury boats, yachts and sea vehicles that can charm us to high limits, but rarely do we come across an engineering marvel that manages to mesmerize us beyond aesthetics. Leaving us spellbound with its design and sheer power is the Marvel 41 – an armored passenger boat like no other. Designed by Nikos Manafis for Marvel, the carrier is a one of a kind vehicle that offers us an interesting insight into the future of sea travel.

The armored passenger carrier features a closed-deck with a luxurious interior that can accommodation almost 10 to 18 people at once. It also comes with a unique weather-protected deck, and a sunbathing area on the roof. Manafis who is well known for his futuristic designs has created the Marvel 41 with extra precision in mind. From flat polygonal surfaces to a brilliant use of first degree curvatures, this exclusive sea vehicle presents us with a little bit of everything!

Built mainly to escort the larger yachts through Mediterranean Sea waters, the marvel 41 weighs approximately 6300 kg without engines and boasts a 900-l fuel capacity. Further, it offers three engine choices that can be fitted with either two 425 hp 6.7L Cummins diesel engines hooked to Konrad stern drives or with dual 350 hp Verados outboard motors. This is probably what the future at sea would looks like!


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