Who needs a Ferrari when you can buy your personal luxury tank

It’s true that monster trucks are the ideal traffic trampling machines but they aren’t the most luxurious means of transport. If you want to switch things to the boss mode you had better go with something that doubles up as a concealed thank that has more than just enormous tires to boast of its strength. How about the $295k Ripsaw EV2 tank? It’s every billionaire’s play-toy and arguably one of the biggest luxury machines you could stock in your garage. You never know when that zombie apocalypse could be upon you and when you’d need to resort to some serious rage-driving around town.

Created by Mike and Geoff Howe from Howe and Howe Tech, this monster of a machine is as fast as it is lethal. Hand-crafter, limited in production numbers and very intimidating, this one is made for the off-road world. The EV2 is powered by a 600-horsepower 6.6-liter Duramax diesel engine, which is attached to an Allison automatic transmission. This promises phenomenal acceleration and a speed of over 60 mph. Just 40 gallons can take this one on a 300-mile zombie smashing run.
Ripsaw EV2 tank (2)Where’s the luxury in all of this, you may wonder. It comes to pass that the Ripsaw EV2 also brings with it an LCD screen with back-up camera display, electronic steering, climate control, gullwing doors, a sound system for that Mad Max feel and comfortable leather seats.

Ripsaw EV2 tank (3)

Ripsaw EV2 tank (4)

[ Via : Luxexpose ]